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Time Potion

drawing of potion bottle. Bottle has uroboros symbol on the round jar with cork top and is filled with glowing green bubbling potion. Free your Time: your brand will continue to thrive and grow while you reflect, recharge, and grow your skills

What to Expect from the Time Potion

If you've ever felt dread opening your inbox, felt drained by the day to day maintenance, lost some passion or some sleep as your brand grows & requires more of your time.

Sliding scale ($5 - $30) per week.

Pricing based on number of platforms and typical traffic. Price negotiation available to make services accessible to people impacted by the Kyriarchy on an individual basis, please just ask!


  • Your emails and messages about your services will be answered in a timely manner.
  • Your feed will be monitored for continuous engagement, frequent posts.
  • Posts will be curated and approved by you for future use.
  • These posts will be added to your platform when your natural flow is less frequent.
  • Recieve monthly reports on your business sales & online activity and keep your eye on big picture goals.
  • Recieve a curated schedule and collection of client notes in your preferred organizational tool.

This is a Partnership

The offerings here require collaboration, access to your accounts, etc. When it comes to your livelihood especially, I understand that requires trust. If you're not familiar with Always and my personal intentions, take a moment to learn a little more about how I protect your energy.

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