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Energy Elixer

drawing of potion bottle. Bottle is tall diamond shape with antique style perfume pump at top and is filled with glowing yellow and orange effervescent potion.

You're ready for what's next, set your intentions and get ready to boost your brand. Our energy combined will create a unique manifestation of your goals.

Boost your brand's reach with an intentional, focused campaign. Constant interaction and posting around this campaign will build lasting connections with your clients. Together we will create a custom solution on the best platform for your goal.

What to Expect from the Energy Elixer

If you've ever wanted to run a promotion but hesitated because of lack of energy -- this is the elixer for you. This package takes all the day to day work off your plate so you can focus on the heart of your brand, creating genuine content and connections.

Sliding scale ($40 - $180) per short term campaign.

Pricing based on length and complexity of campaign. Price negotiation available to make services accessible to people impacted by the Kyriarchy on an individual basis, please just ask!


  • Assessment of platform tools, traffic monitoring tools.
  • Personalized campaign plan & schedule approved by you.
  • Custom graphics and text will be written, or taken from your writings curated especially for your growth goals.
  • Scheduled posts will be posted to your account.
  • Content will be cross-posted to any available platforms for your brand.
  • Your feed will be monitored & any comments or DMs regarding the campaign will be answered during the timeframe.
  • Post-campaign debriefing, including metrics of before, during and end of campaign.

This is a Partnership

The offerings here require collaboration, access to your accounts, etc. When it comes to your livelihood especially, I understand that requires trust. If you're not familiar with Always and my personal intentions, take a moment to learn a little more about how I protect your energy.

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