Always Un.Inc

Manifest yourself in the modern world

What is Always

My child self was right about plenty

'Always Un.Inc' was a brand child me created as a holistic expression of my outward facing creative projects. It is a play on the phrases 'always unique' and 'always un-incorporated' because even child me thought capitalism stunk before they knew quite what it all meant. More than a cute name, creating something that is always unique and anti-capitalist is the founding principle of my work and a guiding virtue in my life.

In the world of fast-paced consumerism, I have no idea where Always Un.Inc will end up along the way. The goal is to stay true to the intent & bring positive change to those around me through spreading lessons from my experiences, direct manifestations, and magical connections. I hope that you find something here that helps you manifest your goals!

My lofty goal is to build this further as a magickal connection facilitator, as a support system. Someday, I would like this to grow into my main focus. I also hope to expand my team & employ like minded folks to serve more businesses.

The Witch Behind the Curtain

Photo of always.uninc, a non-binary collective. Instagram

You can find more of my creative and mystical pursuits on my daily Instagram & in the Highlights! I also have twitter but its just reposts!

Besides website coding, I'm really passionate about equity, subverting capitalism, and the process of communal healing and growth. This may seem odd, but I practice magic in all aspects of my life, even online (remember the 90's techno pagans? oh yeah ~). I strongly believe that intentionality and energy are they key components to any magic or spiritual/religious action, so regardless of a person's faith, anyone can incorporate 'magic' into their online practices as well, I hope you do!

Always Un.Inc Intentions

Here is the work I do for all partnerships!

Here is what I do not do!

Here is how I choose partners

I aim to uplift and grow with as many of you as I can, but I must manage my energy.