Always Un.Inc

What is Always

My child self was right about plenty

'Always Un.Inc' was a brand child me created as a holistic expression of my outward facing creative projects. It is a play on the phrases 'always unique' and 'always un-incorporated' because even child me thought capitalism stunk before they knew quite what it all meant. More than a cute name, creating something that is always unique and anti-capitalist is the founding principle of my work and a guiding virtue in my life.

In the world of fast-paced consumerism, I have no idea where Always Un.Inc will end up along the way. The goal is to stay true to the intent & bring positive change to those around me through spreading lessons from my experiences, direct manifestations, and magical connections. I hope that you find something here that helps you manifest your goals!

My lofty goal is to build this further as a magickal connection facilitator, as a support system. Someday, I hope to expand my team & employ like minded folks to do what I do in their own neighborhoods.

The Witch Behind the Curtain

Photo of always.uninc, a non-binary person with dyed blonde messy hair undercut, heart on their cheek, holding their business card and smiling. Instagram

You can find more of my creative and mystical pursuits on my daily Instagram & in the Highlights! But I'm shifting away from social media and focusing on these projects.

Besides website coding, I'm really passionate about equity, subverting capitalism, and the process of communal healing and growth. This may seem odd, but I practice magic in all aspects of my life, even online (remember the 90's techno pagans? oh yeah ~). I strongly believe that intentionality and energy are they key components to any magic or spiritual/religious action, so regardless of a person's faith, anyone can incorporate 'magic' into their online practices as well, I hope you do!

Hire Always Un.Inc

Here is the work I do for clients that hire me!

Brand Consulting

I am your business's #1 fan, your cheerleader, your coordinator, organizer, communicator, graphic designer, website manager. I'm here for you & rooting for your business's success.Never worry about taking a break from social media again! Together we can brainstorm new ways to engage clients.Over time we will create a distinct set of graphics and a recognizable brand style that's uniquely yours.Together we can execute spark of the moment ideas and update your chosen platforms effectively.

Idea / Web / Project Development

I don't think any idea is too big or too small or irrelevant. If you have good ideas -- talk to me. I can evaluate your project and connect you to the right resources and tools to make it happen.

UX and Accessibility Consulting

User Experience (UX) and Web Accessibility are so essential to having good platforms and products. Show me what you do and I will help you improve it for all audiences.

My Boundaries

Here is what I do not do or tolerate in my business interactions!

Want to work with me?

Here is how I choose partners: I aim to uplift and grow with as many of you as I can, but I must manage my energy.

First, Introduce yourself!

Please include your Name, pronouns, and brief introduction of yourself. Then let me know about your project and what you would like from me to help your project and what you can offer in return for that help.

Tell me as much as you feel comfortable sharing on non-secure email!

Email Always Direct

Dont trust like that?

Totally understandable, Just email me what info you can and I'll get back to you on Signal or ProtonMail or another trusted platform that you suggest.

Email Always Direct